Food & Meals

Our guest house has the freshest and most delicious dishes.

We are delighted to introduce some of the traditional azery dishes which are available to order for dinner  at our Guesthouse.
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The main traditional Azeri dish is pilaf. The basic ingredient is rice. Usually served on festive tables. There are many varieties of pilaf. The most popular is pilaf with sliced meat, sweet fruits, chestnuts and saffron.


Grape or other accepted leaves stuffed with minced meat, rice, aromatic herbs and spices. A very popular dish among our guests.


When a thinly rolled-out circle of dough is folded over a savoury filling, it becomes a gutab. This treat can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients from fresh ground lamb or beef or sliced fresh herbs to buttery potatoes or pumpkin.


Cooked with sliced onion and vegetables.



  •   Lentil soup, vegetable soup or dumpling soup and vegetable salads, as well as vegetarian dishes, are also available.
    All offered food products are organic.