Lahic Guest house

Benefits of the Guest House

 Lahij Guest House is located in Azerbaijan, in the Ismayilli district. The hotel is surrounded by trees and beautiful mountain ranges, which create a peaceful atmosphere. Guests can get acquainted with Azerbaijani traditions. Along with this, guests can taste delicious Azerbaijani cuisine prepared by the hosts only from fresh organic products.
Many tourists who come to rest in a guest house often do not know how a guest house differs from a private hotel. Some naively believe that there is no difference between them at all. However, it is not.

The concept of a guest house is widespread in the south. This concept was born not so long ago, in the 90s. The guest house has a number of characteristics that make the conditions of stay in it in many ways similar to home. Guest houses are usually private cottages. Their owners rent out rooms or the whole house. Most often, the owners themselves live in the same house, but on a separate floor. People who come to rest, often families, usually stay in guest houses.
In terms of the level of service and quality of tourist services provided, modern guest houses are not inferior to hotels, and in some cases even surpass them. This is due to lower maintenance costs at home than hotels. The owners use the profit received for the arrangement, putting all their efforts into making their house look more attractive than that of competitors. Many guest houses create conditions for a comfortable stay with children, providing guests with cribs, high chairs, strollers. Our guest house «Lahij Guest House» is also equipped with everything necessary for the stay of young guests with their parents. We do not stand still, but constantly develop taking into account the wishes of our guests.

A corporate event is an event that is important to organize correctly, satisfying all the requests and wishes of the team, so that a joint vacation is not only a pleasure, but also helps to unite employees. Then a joint vacation will bring you only positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

Renting a guest house for a corporate party in Lahij is one of the best ideas. After all, outdoor recreation allows you to relax and enjoy the company of colleagues, and the atmosphere of comfort and fun and interesting entertainment in our hotel house are provided to you. If you are planning to rent a room for a corporate party, then it is important to take care of this in advance by planning entertainment events. Our employees are always ready to offer you organizational services for holding not only banquets, but also for outdoor recreation. Our guest house has all the conditions for an active corporate holiday.